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Why I Do What I Do

I was 29 years old and just finished my residency program in podiatry. I was very close to moving to Rhode Island from New York to work for another doctor. At the very last moment I changed my mind and said, “I want to be my own boss.”

A few months later I purchased a practice in New Jersey.

I had no clue how to run a business. I just knew this is what I wanted. To be my own boss and make my practice truly mine.

Between student loans, the purchase price of the practice, and using up a credit line, I was in a $300,000 hole before I even saw my first patient.

I thought I was buying a practice that had a good steady patient flow. However, right before closing, the previous owner started discharging the patients.

The practice was not as viable as I thought. I was losing about $7500 a month for three months in a row. I ate through the credit line loan.

I knew this could not continue like this and something had to change.

Coaching & Perseverance...

After  I read book after book, hired a business coach, and did whatever I needed to do to make this work. Failure was not an option.

We put in systems and workflows, learned the key KPIs to measure and how to analyze them, and how to hire the right team to make this work.

Giving Forward

I believe in a world where no child goes hungry or uneducated. That every childhas the right and ability to grow up and live their dreams. I donate to FeedingAmerica and Save the Children.

After one year, I netted more money than the previous owner did in any one of his 17 years of working.

I have been in business for over 33 years, and I have made multiple 7 figures for 30 consecutive years. During these years I have learned key secrets that have helped me work a lot less and while growing the business year after year.

In 2022, I sold the business for $2 million more than I paid for it.

The reason I sold it was mainly because my passion is now to help other businesses learn to have the life they so deserve and desire. We became business owners or leaders not to be slaves to your jobs but to have the freedom to enjoy our family, hobbies, and friends. I want to help you live your best life.


Coach Peter Wishnie, LLC has helped 100s of business owners and executives give them the life they so deserve and desire. Many consultants promise their clients more money while working less, but here we deliver on the promise.  Balancing being sincere and providing results without any fluff.


Our first step is to dig deep into your real purpose of your life and your business.

Why do you do what you do —Trust me, no matter how great things are, you will have days where you just want to stay in bed.

Your purpose is what maintains your motivation and fuels your passion for growth.

Then we will dig into your organization and figure out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your company or your team.  At this point we will create a simple game plan that will scale your organization quickly.

Focusing on three different pillars:


Make sure all the systems and protocols are in place and written down.

Every employee will understand their role and how they affect the overall growth of the organization.

Included in this pillar is understanding KPIs and how to analyze them which helps the owner or CEO of the company develop action plans which in turn translates into always staying on track to meet the company’s goals.


Most people know what to do, but not everyone does it.

One of the reasons for not doing something is not knowing if the results will be there after all the work they put in —This is more than accountability.

This is about getting the passion back into your position or business. It is about helping you get excited about getting out of bed every morning. It is about feeling good about what you are trying to accomplish and knowing anything is possible.  It is also about putting in systems that help every employee feel excited about working with you to make your business the best it can possibly be.


As a John Maxwell certified coach, CPW will teach you how to be the best leader you can be and in return you will teach your team to be leaders as well.

To have more time and freedom requires leadership.

Systems help and is necessary, but can you imagine an organization that is made up of people who make quality decisions daily without asking you what they should do. It is time to stop being everything to everyone.

People today want to feel empowered and feel their ideas are being heard and implemented.


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